Transmitting Radical Underlying Tribulations of Humans
The thing about truth is that it is all relative to our own very intimate experiences.
I often ask myself wtf is the difference between saying my truth and complaining…?-
The trite How are you greeting does not actually lend itself to even an answer. Only the Positive is revealed? The unpleasant is concealed.
What is the difference between good and bad if it is just your dad gum truth?  “There is not good or bad only our perception of it.” Buddha
When I say “I feel like I have been drug face first through gravel” Am I being Debby Downer or smile upside-downer? Glass half empty negative attitude-are my rose colored glasses covered in do do? Or-am I just speaking my truth-without a filter of what is expected?Why is it not excepted-
Well truth is truth and it changes…
Yes, we are in control of our thoughts and Yes we should think positive but a fake positive is a double negative….