The Leaves


Why do we resist letting go?

When every soul a seed’s and only purpose is to grow?

Why do we personalize and humanize this process and make it about “ME”?

When resisting change is same as fighting gravity.

When releasing is as natural 

as leaves letting go of the tree

Why does our mind make up stories of what could be

in this solid permanence forever identity?

Were we brainwashed by this idealic fantasy…?

Is it generational coding to play out this biography

or a cellular level in our biology

There are 2 lobes of the heart..

Is it just cardiology 

that we seek duality?

it recycles anew repeatidely

and the heart shape- symbol

ingrained emotionally…

For we are just energy…

it cannot be destroyed where does it go? Alchemy?

This continuous circuit, current forming infinity…

like a battery

Yet this physical body fights to hold stupidly

and belive loosing pieces would make an amputee

toxic, sickly and co-dependtly

We wane with pain and ask whats wrong with me

when we have the key to our own happy.

Those heavy memories we pack and carry

though our own evolutionary journey

but wait… thats just weight and extra debris

damn the game of indecision-volunatry anxiety


it is Solidarity!!!!

SO… when something LEAVES 

may we sit in quiet spaces 

sift, shift and lift into the space of our inner galaxy

let it turn and burn into fueled gold like alchemy

and rise 

weaving constelations in our star skyed tapesty

Belief Instinctivley, intuitivley 

-i am worthy

Returning patiently to nature of harmony

Back to the garden the seeds grow independtly

yet not in each others shadow 

with light and rain grows the strong leaf tree

That LEAVE makes us long to hold on 


when nature knows that it will let go 

and fall 


the cycle is a circle and 

sacred geometry like the 

all that exists cosmically

i circle back to inner knowing 

this going is growing

and the other pieces are out of my controlling