The Art Of Amy

About Me

Amy Gordon is a fervent, soulful painter and designer. Her abstract work is a reflection of her polarities growing up in rural North Carolina juxaposition to a textile and Menswear design career in New York City, London and San Francisco Which parlay with mindful yogic, poetic teachings give her a voice to converse the diverse.

Through color, texture and negative space, she mimics the ebb and flow of life. Acrylic, oils, pastels, spray paint, metals and composites are combined with her fingers. This hands on approach is her signature to authenicity as an artist.

Amy Gordon’s work is an invitation to empathize and connect In each piece she creates.

She is most well known as one of Greensboro’s prime commission artists and represented by galleries such as The Atrium Gallery in Charleston and Aqua in Miami. She is represented by New York design curators such as Romanoff Elements and Nikki Brown. Lucky Fish Gallery, O’Brien Gallery and Vivid Design premeire her work locally. Amy is an Independent Artist.

Today her work ranges from sleek and minimal to organic, complex and multifarious. Her pieces are inspired by the deep fragility of the human expression.

Amy Gordon from behind with an abstract painting

Where To Find Amy Gordon’s Art

This Kula of creatives here are super service savy and can navigate you to available art that is curated for their boutique clientele.  Check them out below.

Lucky Fish gallery
Atrium Art gallery
Teal Canvas
Obrein Gallery
salon NLB
Romanoff Elements
The Artshop
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