Again, Tinder is the perfect example when you want to study the basic features of a dating app

Again, Tinder is the perfect example when you want to study the basic features of <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">abdlmatch mobile</a> a dating app

Any dating app development cost depends directly on the type of features it showcases. Tinder’s signature method relies on the geolocation service. All the UX is based on the urgency to test the waters in whatever environment life puts you. Once you and your potential match are located in one space, the app starts analyzing common interests, mutual connections, and more:


The almost religious commitment some people have for dating apps, spending close to 2 hours a day on them, means there has to be a financial outlook on dating apps. However, an app has to be free and accessible in order to beat the competition, so the lucrative opportunity on the surface is put aside that way and use of the free-app monetization strategies like freemium.

Premium accounts

In reality, people are only willing to pay for tangible goods or experiences. Being on a dating app alone does not guarantee anything, which might potentially leave customers unsatisfied. One of the ways to get profit is offering some sort of premium features, like Tinder Plus, but again it deviates from the original purpose of the dating app. Perhaps, the most obvious option here is providing paid profile boosts to increase your chances of being swiped right.

In-app ads

So without any viable monetization schemes in an app’s performance part, one of the remaining options is advertising. Some project owners are willing to sacrifice their UX in order to make money off advertising, providing paid ad-free versions. With competition as diverse as it is in the dating app game, you wouldn’t want to break your design with annoying ads.

Promotion and affiliate marketing

A much better way to incorporate advertising in dating software development is to use relevant content. You can offer deals from businesses operating within the dating sphere of life. Coffee shops, jewelry stores, couple-related services, and special offers, etc. You can utilize tokens to buy gifts for people. Your app can distribute information and tickets to various events and thus, get exposure as well as commitment fees. Whichever opportunity to monetize your dating app occurs, it has to be considered in terms of applicability. The general practice of successful dating app development remains the same, make your app perfect in all aspects and the acknowledgment will follow. The viral status is an ultimate money magnet. After all, you can sell the app and move on to your next project with a huge feather in the startup cap.

  • There are no filters for partner search except for their gender, distance, and age, which greatly reduces the search efficiency.
  • There is no user verification, that is, Tinder can’t guarantee the authenticity of the user’s photos.
  • Tinder has a lot of “clones”. Apps with a “swiping” function and minimum space for your profile description are no longer a novelty. You should really think ahead so as not to get lost in the army of clones.
  • Tinder has security flaws. For example, in 2017, hackers acquired 40,000 Tinder selfies and used them to make a facial dataset for AI experiments.
  • Tinder values looks above everything else. There is little space for description, which is a foul play for some users.

Tinder’s technology stack

The visual simplicity of Tinder is the reflection of the massive work developers of different technologies have done. On top of the flagship app, the Tinder package includes a website and an API. Like any other complex solution incorporating massive amounts of user data, Tinder’s performance is its main asset and it has to be implemented using the best technologies available. Now, the following information does not guarantee you a Tinder clone as building a dating app requires more than just the stack, the list of APIs, and even pieces of obfuscated source code. It is more about the perception of tasks the app helps solve and the precise knowledge of technologies capable of doing that. You can’t specifically look to hire dating apps developers as with all due respect, dating apps are not as unique as games for instance, where you can train specifically to only work in the gaming industry. Instead, the general proficiency in mobile and DB technologies can provide a cohesive app development team capable of building a successful dating app.

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